“Serving the transformation of Serbia”

Mission Statement:

ISAC promotes and serves the transformation of Serbia towards EU and Euro-Atlantic membership by addressing the challenges facing the country and the region, influencing policy and decision-making through research, policy proposals, political analysis and forecasts, and specialist education, with the ultimate aim of attaining a more prosperous future for the present and coming generations.


ISAC Fund is a member of the following professional networks:

ISN / International Relations and Security Network
The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes

Young Leaders Training in Security Policy

ISAC Fund in continuing to deal with the training of future young leaders, and supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy and NATO Public Diplomacy Division, kicked off it's newest project with a seminar on Fruška Gora held on 19-23 October. The year long training program, designed for 25 participants from Serbia, focuses on writing and promoting of policy papers in the field of security policy.

The five day seminar aimed to provide knowledge regarding the public policy cycle, research methods, promotion strategies, and advocacy. Participants had the opportunity to learn about various topics in the field of security, take part in exchanging of opinions, and openly discuss ongoing security matters - throughout interactive lectures given by experts and creators of security policies. At the end of the seminar, participants were divided into groups which will write policy papers on various topics within the security field during the next six months.

Participants consisted of socially active young professionals from Serbia, who share great interest in security policy matters. During the lectures the participants showed a high level of motivation and desire to learn and exchange views, with lively debates ensuing during and after the lectures. All of the speakers were experts in different fields - security and defense, foreign policy, public policy cycle, media and visualization.

Presentations were held by the following speakers who we would like to additionally thank for being part of the program:

  • Branimir Filipović, Acting Assistant Minister, Sector for Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia
  • Col. Dr. Katarina Štrbac, Director, Directorate for European Integration and Project Management, Ministry of Defense, Republic of Serbia
  • Brigadier-General Lucio Batta, Chief of the Military Liaison Office and Lieutenant Colonel Igor Tabulov-Truta, Counselor for Politics and Planning, NATO Military Liaison Office, Belgrade
  • Milan Sitarski, Analyst and expert for policy paper writing, Institute for Social and Political Research
  • Dr. Goran Matić, Professor of Civil Law and Security, Faculty of Business Studies and Law, Union University "Nikola Tesla"
  • Nenad Baćanović,Creative Consultant
  • Nemanja Todorović, Director of Center for Contemporary Politics and the Editor in Chief of European Western Balkans

In the following phases of the Young Leaders Training in Security Policy, participants, divided into groups, will deal with writing and promotion of their policy papers with the guidance of the ISAC team.



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