“Serving the transformation of Serbia”

Mission Statement:

ISAC promotes and serves the transformation of Serbia towards EU and Euro-Atlantic membership by addressing the challenges facing the country and the region, influencing policy and decision-making through research, policy proposals, political analysis and forecasts, and specialist education, with the ultimate aim of attaining a more prosperous future for the present and coming generations.


ISAC Fund is a member of the following professional networks:

ISN / International Relations and Security Network
The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes

ISAC Fund marks its 5th Anniversary

February 1st 2011 marks the 5th successful year since the founding of the International and Security Affairs Centre and its dedication to serving the transformation of Serbia on its way to European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Through targeted training seminars, educational workshops, and a variety of programs aimed at raising of public awareness, ISAC has been, over the course of the past 5 years, successfully stimulating expert and public policy debates on a range of topics in the areas of EU and Euro-Atlantic integration, advocating democratic and transparent socio-political changes, and educating wide audiences about the issues and policies in these arenas.

Since its foundation in 2006, the ISAC Fund had the opportunity to implement more than 30 projects, with the involvement of over 750 direct participants and several thousand of those who benefited from free access to ISAC's publications, research work and analyses. Among the most notable projects, which have come to be considered as ISAC Fund's trademarks, were:

  • Publishing, printing and distribution of 8 publications within the Guides edition on Serbia's perspectives towards EU and Euro-Atlantic integration processes;
  • Security Sector Reform Schools, specialized educational initiatives aimed at transferring knowledge and expertise in the specific areas of the security sector reform processes to practitioners;
  • Monitoring Russia-Serbia Relations, which resulted in producing an in-house research and compendia with numerous analysis, reports, and policy perspectives on this pertinent topic;
  • Youth educational programs, such as Meet Europe in…and Find out what is NATO projects, aimed at providing high-school students with the learning opportunities and first hand experience about EU countries, their educational and values system and the functioning of the EU and Euro-Atlantic structures through carefully organised visits abroad;
  • Professional seminars and interactive panel discussions on the security policies of the EU and the Western Balkan region, including, but not limited to, seminars on ESDP (CSDP);
  • Administration of the regional Law of Armed Conflict course in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and Government of the Netherlands.

The increased intricacy of the political, social, economic and security situation in Serbia as the country comes closer to the EU and Euro-Atlantic structures indicates that the demand for new, policy-relevant ideas, strategies and approaches will only grow. Accordingly, the ISAC Fund will continue meeting the related challenges by providing space for open discussions, the relevant knowledge for informed decision-making and the means of regularly developing and improving policy strategies and appropriate advocacy approaches.

The ISAC Fund and its team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors and partners for their recognition of ISAC's mission and for their invaluable support, cooperation, and participation in our work.

31 Jan 2011

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