“Serving the transformation of Serbia”

Mission Statement:

ISAC promotes and serves the transformation of Serbia towards EU and Euro-Atlantic membership by addressing the challenges facing the country and the region, influencing policy and decision-making through research, policy proposals, political analysis and forecasts, and specialist education, with the ultimate aim of attaining a more prosperous future for the present and coming generations.


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ISN / International Relations and Security Network
The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes

ISAC Alumni meet with Director for Security Policy of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs

During the 4 year period in which the Czech Embassy in Serbia served as the NATO contact point embassy, ISAC together with the support of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized visits of Serbian high school students to Brussels and Prague under the auspice of the project "Find Out What is NATO". A total of 40 students over the 4 year period had the chance to visit the NATO Headquarters in Brussels as well as various institutions in Prague to learn what exactly is NATO, how it functions, its relations with Serbia and what roles do member states, in this case the Czech Republic, play within the organization.

One aspect of the visit to Prague was that the students would be hosted by Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a lunch with the Director of the Security Policy Department to discuss freely various issues related to security, NATO, EU and Serbia. Last week, during the visit of Mr. Viktor Dvořбk, Director for Security Policy of the Czech MFA, to Belgrade, a select group of ISAC alumni who participated in the project "Find Out What is NATO" had a chance to meet with Mr. Dvořбk and the Czech Ambassador Ms. Hana Hubačkova. The students had the opportunity to reflect on their participation from the previous years, share what were some of their most memorable moments and the impact it had on their studies. It was interesting to see and note the progress Serbia has made in its Euro-Atlantic integrations in comparison to the years when the first couple of groups participated and the continuing evolution of the entire integration process.
24 Oct 2013

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